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Golden Nuggets

Hello everyone. You would not believe the weather here. Raining down like a monsoon and I ride my bike to and from work. Needless to say I'm soaking wet and have my toes in front of the fire. I'll thaw out. You read the Nuggets. That's the deal. There isn't much news, so I suggest listening to the new podcast linked below. I haven't listened to it yet, so please review it in the comments if you do.

Mario Manningham breaks down his Super Bowl catch for us. This article is massive and only makes me that much more sad that it wasn't us in the big game. Otherwise, it's great to see a single play broken down to such detail. | Manningham breaks down Super Bowl catch. (Mercury)

Mike Sando has this article about how the passing game is proliferating in the NFL. The article is in regards to how well Alex Smith's numbers compare to previous players. But, as you'll see, you'd have to adjust them to the averages. QBR, for example has risen steadily from 76.2 in 2000 to 82.5 last year. | Smith's numbers need to be adjusted for inflation. (Sando)

If Jim Harbaugh wasn't flirting with the idea of Peyton Manning then what in the heck were they talking about. One would assume it was about signing with the 49ers for the right price. But Coach set the record straight. (I'm simply echoing the tone of the article). | Coach sets the record straight about Manning. (SFGate) has started up a podcast. I don't have time to check it out, because I'm still on borrowed internet. If someone who has their own internet wants to give a review in the comments that would be grand. |'s new podcast. (

That's it guys. As usual, please post any relevant links in the comments. Enjoy!

Being a Sheep

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