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Golden Nuggets: Dashon Goldson, 49ers Close, Yet So Far

Sorry guys. I got the late notice to fill in so this is a bit late and to the point. Hope you understand.

As you'll soon see, I'm just giving you the links. I have barely even skimmed the articles. It seems like Dashon Goldson is all the rage today. Will he or won't he sign? Is he worth $8 million per year? All valid questions. All to be answered below (not really).

Dashon Goldson and 49ers separated by $1 million. (

Dashon Goldson's absence opens the door for plans B and C. (Maiocco)

Michael Crabtree working to join NFL's elite. (Poole)

Josh Johnson enjoys working environment. (

Alex Smith has a new attitude, again. (Barrows)

Niners unwilling to meet Goldson's asking price. (

WR Nathan Palmer aiming for roster spot. (Branch)

Betting public buying into the Niners. (Yahoo! Sports)

49ers practice cancelled; mother nature prime suspect. (Barrows)

Super Bowl favorites skip practice. (Inman)

49ers top-five offensive play calls last season. (Cohn)

What give 49ers jump over West upstarts. (Sando)

This link will take you to page 2 of MMQB. | Peter King discusses Harbaugh's comments on Peyton Manning (King)

Post anything else you come across in the comments below (you've heard this before) and review the links if you like. I'll be back tomorrow.

Being a Sheep

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