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Patrick Willis To Take Part In One Of The More Unique Promotions You'll See

Every so often I come across random ideas spreading around Twitter that are worth sharing. Here is one such idea that might be one of the more unique promotions I've come across. Apparently Duracell is starting some kind of partnership with the NFL and they are using Patrick Willis to help push the partnership in San Francisco.

For those of you in San Francisco, this Friday from 11am to 5pm, Willis will be traveling around the city to provide service "for all your manpower needs." If you need your lawn mowed, dishes cleaned, furniture moved, pretty much whatever, Willis will be traveling around to help out. In order to try and get Patrick to come help with your task of choice, tweet out the task and include #PatrickPower in the tweet. It might help to include @duracell as well, but you have to include #PatrickPower to be eligible.

You can start tweeting out the work now as they will select some in advance. Duracell and Willis will also be responding to tweets throughout the day while he is traveling from task to task. They're going to try and send me some video after this wraps up, so maybe we'll get to see shots of Patrick Willis mowing a lawn in San Francisco (not that there are very many lawns to be mowed). Or maybe, a shot of him helping somebody move. Hopefully he gets paid a little extra from Duracell for that. Or at least they get him lunch. That seems like a reasonable price for helping somebody move.

Whatever happens, we're hoping for high entertainment from this!