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Golden Nuggets: Vernon Davis Likes Our Chances, Gore Not Mad at Saints

Hello. How is everything today. Just sitting here listening to some old rap tunes, cooking burritos, and writing the Nuggets. Life couldn't be better. Oh...also, I have a three day weekend coming up. Why, you ask? Well, Australia has this thing called a Queen, and we celebrate her birthday here in June, even though she was in April. makes abso-freakin-lutely no sense, but I'm not going to complain about a day off. Are you? We also get a day off for a horse race in November.

This isn't Aaron Nuggets, it's the Golden Nuggets, so on to the Niners links.

Bay Area Sports Guy continues with the theme of who's got it better, which compares a position group of the 49ers with that of the Los Angeles Traders (couldn't help myself, I get asked all the time here why I go for the San Francisco team and not the Oakland team, and I have to tell them, 'I hate LA'). Today's topic is the OL. | Who's got the better OL, Niners or Raiders. (BASG)

Tom Rathman, one of my childhood idols, discusses the RB situation on the team. "I don't know if everyone's going to be happy," is the key quote. And that is a problem for the RBs on the team, but a blessing for the coaches. Unless Brandon Jacobs behaves like the Brandon Jacobs we know from his years with the Giants, it should work out great for us, and hopefully we'll be able to identify Frank Gore's eventual successor. | Tom Rathman on RBs. (Barrows)

Frank Gore has come out and said that he has no beef with the New Orleans Saints or Jonathan Vilma. That's good, because I'm vegetarian. It should be noted that the two played together in high school and university. | Gore has no beef with Saints or Vilma. (Barrows)

Vernon Davis says we should be the Super Bowl favorites. I agree to some extent. I think the harder schedule will battle test us (in a stronger division I might worry about making the playoffs again) and get us ready for playoff football. Go Team!!! | Davis thinks we should be Super Bowl favorites. (

Cam Inman has a fascinating story on a promotion in the scouting department. Ok, I'm being a duckhead (as they pronounce things in New Zealand). Ethan Waugh has been with the team for 9 years now and has moved on up. Congratulations. | Scouting department movement. (Inman)

Inman also informs us that training camp will be open to the public on August 12th at Candlestick Park. That is the only public viewing this entire offseason. He also adds a little training camp history. Ah, I remember going out to Rocklin as a young boy and staring in awe at Jerry Rice. | Training camp open to public Aug 12th. (Inman)

Vernon Davis was on KNBR recently and here are some of the highlights from the conversation. | Vernon Davis on KNBR. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Vernon Davis' star was shining brightly at the end of last year and it has yet to dim. This article has some notes on how well Davis ended the year as well as some video embedded. | Vernon Davis continues to shine. (Branch)

Scott Tolzien has been at the bottom of the depth chart multiple times in his life. Most NFL QBs were stars, or at least projected starters, in college. Not our Tolzien. His gym rat mentality will have to carry him through to a roster spot this year. | Tolzien used to being underdog. (Branch)

Eric Branch has notes from yesterday's practice, including the ups and downs of our number one draft choice, A.J. Jenkins. | Branch's draft notes. (Branch)

Video: Trenton Robinson learning from the veterans. (

Anthony Davis is making the 'jump' at tackle. We forget how young the man is. At 22 years of age, there are 20 rookies in camp who are older than him. He's got two full years of starting experience behind him and we expect big things from him this year. Two bookend tackles would make me a happy Nuggetman. | Davis making the jump. (

Nothing makes me happier than national news coverage...well maybe listening to old rap, making burritos and waiting for a three day weekend...but SI's got a story on all of our two-way players. Enjoy! | Niners trying out four two-way players. (

Two articles from Mike Sando here. One is on why the Seattle Seahawks lost practices. I didn't know that teams could be fined practices, so I thought I'd throw it in there. | Why Seattle lost practices. (Sando)

The other story has the league-wide backup QB confidence chart that was alluded to yesterday. We've come in right near the bottom. We're fine with Colin Kaepernick as the future of the franchise, especially since Coach Harbaugh hand-picked him, I just don't trust him to lead us to the NFC Championship Game and beyond. | League-wide backup QB confidence rating. (Sando)

And I'm not spell checking this folks....tortillas are burning, beans are spilling over the side, salsa is sitting half-chopped. It's the two-minute warning and I'm at the 1 yard line. Argh!!!

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