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Caption This: Who, Me? Yes, You, Josh Johnson

Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

Before getting too far into the proceedings here, I just want to say one thing about our fearless leader: David Fucillo has just been doing a bang-up job lately of keeping Caption This fun and active on a weekly basis. I've been and will continue to be (for hopefully as short a time as possible) in the midst of one of those transitional periods that we go through in life. Nothing remotely alarming, mind you, but they do keep us preoccupied.

What this has meant is that I have not always been available to keep up with the weekly duties of Caption This, and what this means for David is that on weeks when I am either unavailable or near-enough unavailable to make it a question, he has been tasked with holding the puzzle together. Some weeks, like last, that has meant that he adds my segment to his already full load. For that, I just want to take a quick moment to thank him publicly. He tirelessly keeps the many gears of this place oiled.

That said, I understand that you're all here for the photos. Here's one that I've been eyeing for a while. There's just something about the look on Josh Johnson's face here that needs to be captioned. It has that certain, "Me? You... you really mean me?" quality to it. Now, the obvious caption is that he's actually being called on to take some snaps and just can't believe it. But I expect you all to do better than that. Or at least give it a twist.

Use the comments section to show off your best captions for this one, and give a rec to any that you happen to like. Last week, whatsURdeal took the most recs home.