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Anthony Davis Shows Off Boxing Skills

Over the last few weeks, one of the stories that has picked up with the beat writers has been a discussion of some of the 49ers players mixing boxing into their various off-field workouts. Boxing drills can be a great way to work on hand-eye coordination, which can be a huge skill for a variety of players. I tried boxing very briefly at one point, and although I didn't keep up with it, I can say for certain that it is one heck of a workout.

Gary Owens works as a consultant with the 49ers, providing a variety of drills for some of the players. He recently shot out some video with offensive tackle Anthony Davis. If you watch the video (after the jump), Davis shows some solid skills as he fires off some punches. If you check out Gary Owens' twitter account, it appears that he works with several of the players.

Head after the jump to view the video (thanks to RBoogy29 for pointing it out in the FanShots).

Anthony Davis boxing