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Golden Nuggets: Crappy Internet Edition

I volunteered to cover this morning's Nuggets for James today, but little did I know my Internet would be acting like absolute crap. Well, really, I should have known because it has generally been slow at my place here in DC. Sometimes it works ok, but for the most part it is inconsistent at best. Time to call Comcast and figure out the problem.

Given that, I'm having trouble opening up too many things, so today's Golden Nuggets are here to encourage a little work by you the readers. Normally I'd load this up with the various 49ers stories from around the Web. I can't get the links open so I'm opening the floor for you guys to give us a hand in populating this link dump.

When the Nuggets were first set up, the hope was that people would find links from around the Internet to post in the comments. We've had plenty of great discussions in here, but there are is not a ton of link posting. Ideally the Nuggets are open for just about any sort of links. If they are off topic, just include a quick OT at the front of the subject in the comments so people who only wants 49ers links can move on.

Consider this a bit of an experiment in getting more out of you guys. Generally speaking we'll always have the links for you, but I strongly encourage folks to post their own links in here. During this slow time of the offseason, you can feel free to spread out beyond just 49ers stuff. During the season, non-49ers content is fine, but again, make sure the OT is mentioned if it's a bit off topic. If it's something NFL related, I'd say no need for the OT.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be back with the normal run of links, but with a broadened philosophy on people posting links in the comments.