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49ers Attend Josh Gordon Workout In Advance Of NFL Supplemental Draft

Earlier today, Baylor/Utah wide receiver Josh Gordon conducted a workout for NFL scouts and executives as he prepares for the NFL Supplemental Draft. The draft is scheduled for this Thursday at 10:00am PT. The draft is not a required draft, and when it does happen, there are usually no more than one or two players selected. Gordon is believed to be the most likely to be drafted, with a fairly high pick to boot.

The 49ers were one of the teams Adam Caplan confirmed was in attendance today. Caplan confirmed that at least 14 teams attended the workout, but teams that stayed away can request tape. Some reports are getting out about the workout, and it certainly sounds like a solid day for Gordon. He measured in at 6'3, 224 pounds. He ran a 4.52 40, posted a 36-inch vertical leap and 10'1" broad jump, and bench pressed 13 reps.

Reports out of the workout indicated Gordon hurt his quad while running the 40. The good news is that he was able to run through the route tree and apparently didn't drop any passes. It's only one workout, but still worth noting. Adam Caplan described him as strictly an outside receiver. Rumors around the Internwebs seem to indicate the Browns are a favorite to land him.

In order to obtain the services of Josh Gordon, teams must submit a blind bid of a 2013 draft pick. The team offering up the highest pick wins the draft and forfeits that pick next year. The 49ers could have the most picks in next year's draft, which creates some potential wiggle room if they decide he is a guy they really want. Some of the rumors indicate teams might go after him with a second or third round pick.

The 49ers have the picks to make a move for Gordon, but given that they spent a first rounder on a wide receiver this year while adding Moss and Manningham, it seems difficult to see them committing to another young receiver. They do need options long term, but it's a tough call. It sounds like Kyle Williams has impressed in offseason workouts. He has been getting a lot of time as a backup return option and seems to be at worst a strong bubble option for the 49ers roster. I suppose Gordon could land a spot over Ted Ginn Jr. if the team thought they had other receiving options, but then you're suddenly looking at as many as two inactive wide receivers.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Gordon, but one has to wonder how much of it is due to the lack of other news. People are comparing him to a variety of receivers from this year's draft, pointing to all the players he surpassed with his workout. It doesn't mean he is not a viable receiving option, but we do need to take it all with the grain of salt warranted by where we are at in the offseason.

Do you think the 49ers should submit a bid for Gordon, and if so, what kind of pick?