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Video: Kendall Hunter Doing Work

49ers running back Kendall Hunter has flown under the radar much of this offseason, which might be all the more noticeable given the fairly sizable additions to the 49ers running back corps. The 49ers signed Brandon Jacobs and drafted LaMichael James, creating a whole host of competition.

This is all coming off a year in which Kendall Hunter rushed the ball 112 times and caught 19 passes on 26 targets. For comparison's sake, since Frank Gore became the full-time starter in 2006, the most carries by a 49ers running back other than Gore is Glen Coffee's 83 carries in 2009.

The 49ers will spread around the carries between several backs in 2012, but the question for Hunter is how many will he snag in what kind of role? Although he's not tall and does not pack a ton of pounds, he's got some monstrous legs for a man his size, and really for a man most any size. He'll get his share of carries in between the tackles, and it seems like he is putting in the work to take advantage of his opportunities.

In case you missed it, Anthony Dixon was busy on July 4th with what appeared to be a pretty intense workout (as much as twitter pictures can tell us, at least). Today we've got some video of Kendall Hunter getting his own workout in with a performance company in Texas.