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NFL Commissioner: At Least It's Not Bud Selig?

...Roger Goodell or Bud Selig? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell receives quite a bit of criticism, but days like today are when a guy like Bud Selig drives me crazy. The MLB All Star Break provides Selig with a chance to speak to the media and further his image as a guy who often would rather bury his head in the sand (steroids) or try and shuffle something down the line (A's stadium).

I bring this up now because once again Bud Selig would not commit to anything in regards to the Oakland A's new stadium. I've been an A's fan since 2003 (when I first started working for them) and have remained so since leaving the team in 2007. Their stadium woes are possibly as bad as anybody in sports and show no signs of improving (Sacramento, anybody?).

We have a fair number of Giants fans here, but Selig's actions, or inactions in many cases, are something that are worth noting. How about this gem?

I bring all this up amidst some of the concern over Roger Goodell as commissioner. I honestly don't know whether or not Selig would make a better or worse commissioner for the NFL. There are a lot of differences between the leagues, but from a general view of things, what do you think?

I ask in part because there are times I just don't know if my disdain for Selig comes solely from the A's situation. The instant replay thing makes me a bit less concerned that I'm overly jaded. He has made some good decisions for baseball, but it remains to be seen how much of that comes thanks to the owners pushing him. MLBAM has become a cash cow for the league, and yet they still adhere to an absurd blackout policy. It seems like any time Selig takes a step forward, he takes several steps back.

How do you think Goodell compares with the commissioners from the other three major leagues?