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Let's Talk about the ESPYS

I have an odd fascination with award shows. I think I like them for all the reasons why I want to dislike them. They are self-serving and narcissistic. And this is somewhat appropriate. When I really like a movie, I want that movie to be recognized. It's not self-serving for the director and the actors. Award shows are always about the narcissism of the viewer.

So, yes, award shows are self-serving and narcissistic. Usually. Sometimes, not frequently, but sometimes when you get a lot of people together, something amazing happens. In 1993, Jimmy Valvano gave an amazing speech in the face of cancer. I mean, the man can barely walk. I think it is always worth remembering this speech every time the ESPYS come around.

That said, award shows are also a ton of fun. They allow us to relax and spend a few hours just being frivolous. So, even though I totally want to dislike Brian Wilson for all his antics (and all his walks...), I just can't. He perfectly sums up every frivolous feeling in my body as I watch an awards show. I was glad to see him at the ESPYS.

I want to give Rob Riggle some props too. Dude's a funny guy, and that was out in full force last night. Those digs at Drew Brees and the Saints? Just classic. He was a good choice to host.

But finally, my favorite part - and well, if you are on this blog, it was your favorite part too - was the Game of the Year award. It went to the 49ers-Saints game, as it should. Hands down one of the best games I have ever seen, and easily one of the greatest sports moment of my life.

And so we come full circle again. I'm glad the game was recognized because I think it should be recognized. This is the fun of the EPSYS: we can be silly fans rooting for our players for silly reasons after a silly man gives a silly speech. Silliness. It's self-serving and indulgent and once a year, that's okay.

What are some of your thoughts on the ESPYS last night or in general?