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Always Nice Rooting For Good Guys

By now, most of you are aware that the 49ers-Saints playoff game won the ESPY for best game. Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis were on hand to accept the award, and you can check out some photos from the event.

If you go to picture four of the slide show, you'll see a kid named Jimmy Murphy between the two of them. It turns out Jimmy is suffering from cystic fibrosis and was wearing a Make-A-Wish Foundation button outside the ESPYs. Vernon Davis saw him right before the show, and after seeing the button, invited him to sit with him at the ESPYs.

The 49ers players are far from perfect (as are all of us), but they have done a fairly good job bringing in mostly good character guys in recent years. Again, it's not a perfect group of guys, but for the most part the 49ers players are an easy team to root for off the field.