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Missed Connections: Kory Sheets

Me: 20, tall, wearing a Mike Iupati San Francisco 49ers jersey and profoundly worried about the team's running back position with an aging Frank Gore. I saw you in the preseason on the field, and was too embarrassed to approach you and tell you how badly I needed you. One of my fellow fans raved about you and I was just a coward. But he was right. He was so right.

You: 24, 5'11', wearing a 49ers jersey at Candlestick Park. You jumped over the offensive line and scored a touchdown as Thomas Clayton injured himself over and over. You ran a sweep and picked up thirty yards, but you were gone before I ever knew what we had. Off to apparently bigger and better things. Off to Miami. With my heart.

Kory Sheets, ladies and gentlemen, was our future. There was one of us who spoke up - who wasn't afraid to stand up and let us all know that Sheets was, in fact, our future. He went by the name of KORY SHEETS WAS OUR FUTURE and his famous post was this one, in which he talks about the mafia controlling everything.

It's a joke that will never be overdone and will never get old, even a little bit. I wanted to do so much more with this post, but I believe it's best to just leave it understated (as if professing my love is understated). That being said, the catalyst for this post is the fact that Sheets is now off in the CFL ballin' for the Saskatchewan Riders. Apparently, he touched the ball in the preseason and immediately won the starting job because he's just so gloriously amazing in every way.

Just something that's funny to note, I suppose. Sheets showed a lot for the 49ers in the preseason and was eventually waived, but the Riders now have him as their star running back, and he leads the CFL in touchdowns. Maybe someday soon I'll tune in and watch him show the CFL how it's really done. Also, a good indication for the talent gap between other football leagues and the NFL. At any rate, I wish Sheets the best ... we'll always have Madden (he's a 14-time Pro Bowler on my game).