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Caption This: A Clever Segue

Your Caption Here! (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Your Caption Here! (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Actually, I don't have a clever segue. I'll be lucky to have any segue whatsoever. As far as I knew before last year, that word was pronounced SEEG. One of those quirks of having a written language alongside your spoken language is that you don't always make the connection between the written word and the spoken one. For years, I thought there was a word that was pronounced MY-zulled that meant something similar to "misled." I could never be sure why one would want to polish a hot dog, or even how one would go about it. Which is all to say: SEEG.

But, of course, it's pronounced "seg-way". Like a... hey, look at that....

I love segways. I love people on segways. I happily stare down mall security when they zoom by on segways. I bought the movie Iron Man so I could watch a few seconds of Jeff Bridges zipping around on a segway whenever I wanted. I realize that segways as a fad are so mid-to-late 2010, but they'll always be trending in my heart. So I could not resist this photo, which I ran over in the archives quite by accident. Not one person on a segway, but three! And none of them sure of themselves!

Are they unsure of themselves because they're on segways, or are they unsure of themselves because they're Arizona Cardinals? Probably the latter. Segways are scientifically proven to increase sureness, so it must be the Cardinals thing.

A scenario:

Darnell Dockett: "My treadmill isn't working."

Adrian Wilson: "I thought this thing was supposed to be ab powered..."

Kerry Rhodes: "All these years, I thought it was pronounced SEEG..."

Invisible Man: "Hey, guys! Wait up! Seriously! Wait up!"

What do you think the caption on this photo should be? Head down to the comments section to try a few out, and give a rec to any that make you laugh. Last week, germinator got the most recs.