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Who Is Your Fictional QB?

Last night, I found myself in a twitter discussion concerning who the best movie quarterbacks have been over the years. Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout and a one time writer here) got the topic going, so I felt compelled to throw my two cents in. Eventually Matt started putting together tweet reports on some of the well known QBs that have graced the big and small screen. I've poste some of those after the jump.

The QB discussion hit up some of the big names including Shane Falco, Willie Beamen, Jonathan Moxon, Paul Crewe and Willie Beamen. The discussion didn't really hit much on guys like Paul Blake (Necessary Roughness), Joe Pendleton (Heaven Can Wait), Reno Hightower (The Best of Times), Seth Maxwell (North Dallas Forty) or Jimmie Dix (The Last Boy Scout).

Keanue Reeves as Shane Falco always looked the most "like a quarterback" in The Replacements. In fact, according to, Keanu Reeves was reportedly offered a tryout with the Ravens after the movie. From purely what we saw on the field, there's a certain Brett Favre look to his game. He'll make some big plays, but he'll make some serious bonehead plays. Maybe that disastrous Sugar Bowl outing remains in his head.

One guy that could have made an interesting college quarterback is Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights. He struck me as a bit of a Ken Dorsey type of quarterback. Not a great QB, but surround him with a talented supporting cast and he might look decent.

Joe Kane (The Program) got a lot of discussion because of his leadership skills on that ESU Timberwolves squad. He had the drinking issues but seemed prepared to overcome them in his subsequent junior season. I remain concerned about a relapse, but if he really had turned the corner, he could be a very solid quarterback. He's got an arm and he has the mobility needed against the athletic defenses in the NFL. But, I remain worried about the character flags.

In terms of taking what you saw in the movie (and ignoring the actor playing the role), which movie/TV QB would be the guy you would want running your offense? I realize this is a fairly ridiculous discussion, but it's a fun one, and there are some talented quarterbacks out there.