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Drew Brees Agrees To Contract Extension

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Editor's Note: Don't forget to swing by this week's segue version of Caption This!

If you haven't noticed on Twitter yet, reports indicate the New Orleans Saints have come to terms on a contract with franchise QB Drew Brees. The numbers are not completely known, but it sounds like the deal is worth $100 million total, with some large first year guaranteed numbers. Brees confirmed on Twitter that a deal was done.

There were threats of a training camp holdout, but it was incredibly unlikely that this game would have impacted the Week 12 49ers-Saints game. Had the two sides not been able to work out a long term deal, the player has until approximately week ten to sign the tender and report in order to accrue the year. Now, Brees will report to training camp on time, and the Saints offense will be none the worse for wear.

The Saints did take some hits with Bounty suspensions and losses in free agency. Carl Nicks and Robert Meachem were the two biggest losses, with the offensive line being an area to keep a close eye early in the season. The Saints will be without Sean Payton and Gregg Williams, which might give us an idea of just what coaching brings to the table.

Odds are high this game will be the FOX Game of the Week with Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver on the call. If the Saints don't lose something with all the Bounty talk, they should remain a Super Bowl contender in the NFC.