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Golden Nuggets: Not Worried About Goldson Talks

Ya'll, I'm going to sleep, can one of you wake me just before the first preseason game? Also, if one of you could keep an eye on SB Nation Bay Area for me, that would be swell. I'm going mad with all of this non-news, and I feel like a jerk giving you Golden Nuggets with more of the same. There's only a couple new links today and I think it's best we just take the band-aid ripping approach and get to 'em. Enjoy (harr harr).

Source: No progress in Goldson talks (Maiocco)

Matt Forte among franchised players still waiting (NFL)

49ers Mailbag: What's expected from Alex Smith? (Maiocco)

RB Brandon Jacobs candid about money motivating him to leave Giants for Niners (Yahoo)

49ers' Group of RBs Might be NFL's Best (NBC Bay Area)

Moss is ready to play now, but will he come September? (BA Sports Guy)

San Francisco 49ers get legal opponent in battle over $30 million (Mercury News)

The curse of the 10-win comeback season (Yahoo)

Opponent Preview: Seattle Seahawks (

Camp Preview: Cornerbacks (

Being a Sheep

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