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Golden Nuggets: To Sign Dashon Goldson or Not?

Hey everyone. I'm gonna be quick with this one. James said it best yesterday. There's really no news going on around this time. And it's the weekend. Last rest for the weary writers who will supply us with tons of info from the start of camp until the end of the draft. So everybody should give them a hand and cut them some slack. Maybe you should be on vacation right now anyway. Myself, I just returned from camping with my family up in the Sierra Nevada and we had a deer or a bear rummaging through our camp. Now there's some excitement!

As for the links...not so much excitement. Some of these could be repeats because I am really reaching here.

Another franchise-tagged safety intercepts a multi-year deal. (Inman)

49ers would be wise to not sign Dashon Goldson to long-term deal. (BASG)

Colin Kaepernick enters camp as #2. (Maiocco)

49ers plan to have patience with A.J. Jenkins. (SB Nation)

Reviewing my 2011 draft analysis. (49erswebzone)

And this last bit is just something I found interesting, if not necessarily 49ers related.

Feds shut down websites selling fake NFL jerseys. (

So be careful while on the roommates grandfather was swindled by a Nigerian prince last year (no lie). There's no telling what could happen.

What does everyone think about Dashon Goldson? We have until today to sign him to a long-term deal. Is he worth the money? He doesn't have a long track record of all-pro play. What should we do?

Being a Sheep

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