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The Official Niners Nation Flag Football Showdown

It's high time our overlord got what is coming to him. And I'm just the man to bring it!

Over at Pats Pulpit, the SBNation Patriots blog, Alec Shane has come up with an ingenious idea: create a 7-on-7 flag football game using only players from the Patriots.

Well, David and I are going to take this to the next level by using even better players. We will only use players from your very own San Francisco 49ers.

During the course of this week, David and I will alternate picks (starting with yours truly), selecting 49ers who we want on our team. I will pick in the morning and David in the afternoon. Then, after a week, we will have formulated our super-duper-awesome-McAwesometown teams for everybody to debate over (but not much, because mine will clearly be the best).

So your tasks this week will be to evaluate our teams as we go, commenting on how each player can contribute in many different ways. And boy will they have to. In a game as small as this, we need each player to be able to catch, run, "tackle," provide special teams abilities, pass block, and, most importantly, just look darn good in practice jerseys and shorts. And, oh yeah, they've got to be able to rock little frilly and colorful straps of cloth.

For the next week, you can expect two posts a day in which we make a selection and offer up some explanation. And David better watch out: I have four years of intramural flag football experience under my, erm, belt (flagbelt!). I'm going to bring that all with the fiery passion of, well, anything Jim Harbaugh ever does.

Now I'm off to make my draft board.