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ANOTHER NFL Player Gets Arrested

I was poking around Twitter this evening while catching some Washington Nationals, and lo and behold, ANOTHER NFL player finds himself mixed up with the law. Dez Bryant was arrested in Texas on a "family violence" charge, which is apparently a class A misdemeanor. This follows Elvis Dumervil apparently flashing a gun during some kind of road rage incident. Our own Aldon Smith was arrested early in the offseason for a DUI, and then had his run-in with a pocket knife the weekend before July 4th.

What's going on in the NFL world this offseason? I suppose this has plenty to do with too much free time leading up to training camp, but this is getting out of hand. This isn't the first offseason players have had issues with the law, but that doesn't make it any better.

I don't know the numbers on athlete arrests compared to the general public. It is entirely possible the arrests are simply high profile, but the numbers match the real world. That doesn't justify these moments of stupidity, and they certainly don't make it any less frustrating. Really I just want training camp to get here so maybe we can keep players occupied and away from doing stupid stuff.