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Golden Nuggets: Pay The Man .. When He's Earned It

So Dashon Goldson and our 49ers weren't able to get anything done - and what a sigh of relief I gave when that deadline flew by. I like Goldson and his big plays but he's run-of-the-mill in regards to consistency and I'm glad we're not going to overpay. So far he's had two pretty good seasons and twice now he's over-estimated his own value.

I hope he gets a long-term deal after next season, but that's because he'll only get one if he's earned it. There a couple intriguing free agent options next year and unlike past years, there's actually some solid safety depth in the draft next year. So I'm excited about that. But not too excited, as we've gotta roll with what we got, and I hope everyone on the roster turns out to be a stud. Let's get to your linkage for the day - and go Niners!

As noted, Goldson did not get a multi-year deal. Light on the commentary on this one because, you know, I've already talked about it a bunch. Let's hope he earns a big one this season (and then that we can afford it). | Goldson's wish for multi-year deal on hold - until next offseason (Inman)

I really do hope that Kyle Williams gets a fair shake at the wide receiver position. I feel like the 49ers might award guys who don't deserve it based on name value ... looking at you, Randy Moss, while I think Williams is more of an afterthought to 49ers fans. That's wrong - he's got a ton of potential. | York roots for Williams to have 'breakout' season (Maiocco)

Truly, I'm a fan of Football Outsiders and their advanced stats. There was a point where I absolutely survived on the stat breakdowns from our own Florida Danny, but I have never ... ever ... taken their predictions to heart. I've never even given them more than a couple seconds of consideration. It probably all started because they never give the 49ers any credit, but really, how deserving of credit have they been in recent years? | Which teams do Football Outsiders project to win more than nine games? (Cohn)

Really love the breakdown from Maiocco in regards to the quarterback position. The way he talks about how Josh Johnson throws a pretty, accurate pass is reflective of what we already knew. The bits about Colin Kaepernick and his ability to perform on-the-fly is very, very encouraging. | 49ers Mailbag: Kaepernick enters camp as No. 2 QB (Maiocco)

We already talked about this a bit. As I said, I don't pay much attention to these projections and predictions. That being said, I'd be very surprised if the 49ers won less-than eight games in 2012. The bar has been set, and anything less than an NFC West title will be disappointing. | Football Outsiders projects the Niners to win 7.1 games (Cohn)

Forbes' lists have been awful for many years now. It's generally a whole lot of awful guess work and disappointment, outside of that one article where they calculated the wealth of the dragon from The Hobbit. That was cool. But yeah, for what it's worth, the 49ers are the world's 26th-most valuable sports team. Cool stuff I guess. | Forbes ranks 49ers as world's 26 most valuable sports team (Inman)

Is David Akers due for a regression? (BA Sports Guy)

Camp Preview: Offensive Line (

Being a Sheep

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