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Marshawn Lynch Arrested: Does Beast Mode Face Suspension?

In what can only be described as coincidental timing, Marshawn Lynch was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. I suggest coincidental timing because it came a few hours after I posted about Dez Bryant being the latest NFL player to get arrested. While NFL players reportedly get arrested at a rate lower than that of the general public, the general public does not often do the perp walk for a national audience.

From a purely football perspective, this will likely raise some issues for the Seattle Seahawks as they look to build on last season. Lynch has already gone through a suspension for off-field issues, sitting for three games in 2009 due to a misdemeanor weapons charge. Prior to that he had his license revoked after hitting a women and leaving the scene in Buffalo.

Given the past issues and suspension, Lynch could very well find himself facing another NFL suspension. The Seahawks face a tough open to their schedule and any lost time could create serious problems for the Seahawks. They open the season at the Arizona Cardinals, and then follow that with home games against the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. All three games were tough ones, but without Marshawn Lynch they become that much more difficult.

If Lynch does serve a suspension, fourth round pick Robert Turbin will get a lot of touches early, with Leon Washington splitting some of those carries. Of course, they didn't just give those guys a four year, $31 million contract.