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Golden Nuggets: Doubters Have to Doubt for Two Years

Good morning. How is everyone today? Not a ton of news going around today. Some more position groups are being examined by people inclined to do so. Bay Area Sports Guy refutes the Niners Nay-Sayers who say we won't do too well today. But that's OK, because Matt Barrows shows us that most of our key players are signed through 2013. So it's not now or never, it's now and later.

Bay Area Sports Guy goes into some detail about why some prognosticators are not picking the 49ers to do well this year. We're Super Bowl favorites according to many, and most should have us winning the division. But still, there are some who doubt. BASG tackles them. | 49ers doubters do exist. (BASG)

Matt Barrows shows us which 49ers are locked up through the 2012 season and which one are locked up through the 2013 season. Quite a few key players' contracts run out after 2013 and things will get interesting. NaVorro Bowman and Justin Smith are among the many. | Most key 49ers locked up for two more years. (Barrows)

14 out of the 49ers 16 games for the 2013 season are already known. Both Cam Newton and Andrew Luck are scheduled to make a visit. | A quick look at the 2013 schedule. (Maiocco)

Grant Cohn has a list of assorted 49ers stats and what we can gain from them. Mike Iupati was a beast when pulling and Alex Smith was poor when being rushed out of pocket. | Assorted Niners stats. (Cohn)

Questions regarding Dashon Goldson, his long-term prospects with the team and what we can expect in the short-term are all answered by Matt Maiocco. | Maiocco's mailbag. (Maiocco)

Frank Gore is still the feature back. The big question is who will get more reps out of LaMichael James and Kendall Hunter? Anthony Dixon appears to be the odd-man out with Brandon Jacobs picking up his reps. But as we all know, Coach Harbaugh loves competition, and we've got it here. | Training camp running back assessment. (SFGate)

Camp preview: safeties. (

Alex Smith to be tested as 49ers leader. ( has a couple of videos that pertain to the 49ers. The first discusses the 49ers chances in 2012. Is Alex Smith the teams biggest concern heading into the season? | Video: 32 in 32: San Francisco 49ers. (

NFL videos: Expectations for Randy Moss in 2012. (

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