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Niners Nation Flag Football Draft: Wes' Third Pick

So by day three, I think I have some serious talent accumulating. Both Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis bring oodles and oodles of athletic talent to a flag football game that thrives on speed and precision. David is putting up a good fight with Michael Crabtree and newly minted Team Fooch member Randy Moss. I do think Moss' speed deserves to be questioned due to his age, but that said he is an all-time great players and a solid pick.

With my third pick, I want to continue building my team around speed and athletic ability, so I am picking Kendall Hunter, speedy dude.

I feel like Hunter is so obviously good for flag football that I don't even need to explain why I am choosing him. His speed is incredible - as is his ability to shift and change direction on the field. He has already proven himself in the pass catching department, and his ability to beat defenders to the sidelines will be even more devastating in flag football because there are less people to beat and subsequently evade. I think Hunter has the potential to be the "all-star" player of this game.

Jumin' jumpin'


Like Vernon, Kendall has the potential to line up almost anywhere on the field and make plays. He can play at his natural position, running back, or shift out into the slot or even wide out positions. I envision using Hunter in a lot of packages that feature motion, deception, and play action. Imagine the devastation Hunter can wreck by motioning past the QB and taking a direct snap or something. He is off to the races with a full head of steam while the defenders are all flat-footed. This will lead to all sorts of trick play potential. He can be the center piece for every trick play in the playbook if necessary. Moreover, we ought not to forget what the man can do with the ball in his hands. He can juke the shoes off of people with pads on. Just imagine what the man will do now that people have to pull flags off of him. It's just not fair.


Defense is a little bit tougher for Mr. Hunter (internal rhyme for the win). His shorter stature puts him at a bit of a disadvantage. I imagine that he will most likely be a coverage guy for me, going one-on-one with one of Fooch's players. I would match him up with a guy who does not normally play offense (if David ever picks somebody like that) to balance out the problem. Anyway, he shouldn't be written off as a defender because his speed and fluidity will keep him alongside any man he covers. And this is probably a moot point, as the huge advantage he brings to the offense more than makes up for any slight problems on defense.