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Niners Nation Flag Football Draft: Wes' Fourth Pick

Yesterday saw David and I pick essentially the same player. In almost every regard, Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James are the same type of player, and I anticipate that they will be the potential "all-stars" of the game, what with their ability to juke the shoes off of every defender they encounter. At the end of the day, I still think Vernon will be an unstoppable force since he simply cannot be covered one-on-one, but I sure wouldn't be surprised if Hunter and James were the guys who dominate the scoring.

Well, continuing in the vein of picking the most athletic and speediest players on the team, I think I have another excellent pick today - a pick that really exemplifies all the traits necessary for success in flag football: speed, vision, pure athleticism, precision. I am also furthering my biggest advantage over David in that, so far, he doesn't have much of an offense at all.

With my fourth pick, I am going to take Carlos Rogers, one man flag football defense. Whereas I think Willis can be the guy who will shut down any cute stuff underneath, like dump off passes to James and mad dashes by the QB, I think Rogers will likewise be a lockdown corner for me deep. He's the type of guy who can really be a centerpiece of a flag football defense.


I would have been slightly worried about picking Rogers as an offensive player if he hadn't pretty much proved last year that his hands are quite good. He sort of developed a reputation of stone hands earlier in his career, but since catching a football is a skill that can be acquired (see: Davis, Vernon), I feel totally comfortable with Rogers lining up as a receiver or a slot guy. The dude is incredibly fast and can put on some good moves with the ball in his hands. I like his ability to make people miss. Moreover, his ability to go in motion and try to just outrun players is immense - especially since he can do this somewhat in conjunction with Hunter. The possibility for trick plays is incredible. I think he has a ton of potential on the offensive side of the ball (a part of the game he dominated when younger).


Clearly, though, Rogers' greatest asset will be on defense where he can rule the field like normal. The man is incredibly fast (4.4 40-yard dash, which is about the same as Moss'). I feel totally comfortable putting him on an island with almost anybody in a flag football setting. He is about as close to a lockdown corner as possible in a flag football game. I feel like his defense speaks for itself. Whoever is the best receiver on David's team is going to have to get past Rogers, and with a little safety help over the top, that is going to be a really hard task indeed.