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NFL Offseason Incidents and What To Do About Them

This has seemingly been the offseason of the DUI. It's like every day we hear about another player who was arrested and charged with DUI (or suspicion of DUI, which basically means they refused a breathalyzer but showed signs of being intoxicated...Fooch, help me out here).

The 49ers have had a few guys in the last couple of years that were charged with DUI themselves. Ray McDonald was charged last offseason and Aldon Smith during this current one.

With all of the issues that are cropping up during the offseason (and into the regular season as well), is it time for some more harsh punishments to be levied against the players who commit these crimes?

Some have suggested that Roger Goodell come down hard with year-long suspensions for first offenders, to send a message that it won't be tolerated. Maybe that's a bit harsh, but it does seem like guys don't have much care for getting into these situations.

While I'd hate to watch one of our players sit games out, it's also a black-eye on the sport I love. Even though statistics show that NFL players don't get in trouble with the law at a higher rate than normal people do, the perception is that this is all they do.

For many, perception is reality.

So what should be done about this?

(Scroll to about the ninth paragraph in the linked story from Kevin Lynch.)