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Niners Nation Flag Football Draft: Fooch's Fourth Pick

As I look back on my first three picks, in spite of arguments to the contrary, I'm quite pleased with Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss and LaMichael James. I think they bring a combination of skills that is absolutely perfect for Team Fooch. We've got a mix of speed, athleticism and size that will help dominate on offense, while also handling necessary roles on defense.

However, as much as I love my team, the more I think about it, the more I think this next pick could be a huge steal. Wes mentioned that he felt I didn't have a guy who could cover Vernon Davis. I think this next guy can do that, while providing all sorts of versatility on offense. With our fourth pick, Team Fooch selects Colin Kaepernick.


In selecting Michael Crabtree I mentioned that I would be using him as my quarterback. As I add Colin Kaepernick, I feel it gives me two very solid options as a flag football quarterback. This gives me a chance to mix in all sorts of trickeration, and the chance to switch quarterbacks whenever needed.

I think Crabtree could work at quarterback, but I also think in flag football, he's the kind of YAC guy who could do big things once the ball is in his hands. Kaepernick is a big guy, and gives me a pair of 6'4 receivers if needed. There will be some question marks about his hands, but there is no doubt about his athleticism. When he's in at receiver, I can stretch the field like nobody's business having Kaepernick on one side and Randy Moss on the other side. I have to think that forces defenses to play on their heels, opening the middle of the field up for LaMichael James.


On the defensive side of the ball, I'd probably line 6'4 Colin Kaepernick up against 6'3 Vernon Davis. While Davis is a bigger 6'3, I think Kaepernick has the size to hang with him. On the other hand, I could see myself lining up Kaepernick over the top at safety. With that size and speed, he could collapse on a receiver going deep fairly quickly. If Randy Moss is defending Vernon Davis, Kaepernick could provide assistance if needed. The same holds true if we reverse Kaepernick and Moss. Either way, I think it provides the needed coverage.