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Golden Nuggets: 5 Questions Before Camp, What Q's Do You Have?

Good morning. How is everyone doing? Glad to get a bit of conversation out of Jerry Rice as the GOAT. I sent the link to my friend in Phoenix but I haven't heard back yet. Hopefully he'll get a big kick out of it. Right in the pants!

Camp is coming up and that's all the writers are talking about. Pretty soon the offseason turns into the 'onseason'. Most of the writers are concerned with questions coming into camp. Now's your chance to be your own sportswriter. DIY, baby. What are everyone's concerns going into camp? Are there any that diverge from the same old stuff? I'm worried about not having enough fingers for all the rings we're going to win.

Who will play right guard? Alex Boone and Joe Looney are in the mix. Who is the no. 2 QB. Is it Colin Kaepernick? Is he labelled the no. 2 until the *ish hits the fan? Who's getting cut at RB. Anthony Dixon has an uphill fight to make the roster but are we in for another surprise. I think that who gets cut will tell us a lot about what the teams plans are for the future. If LaMichael James and Kendall Hunter are no. 2 and 3 on the chart....? | 5 questions as the 49ers begin camp. (Inman)

Grant Cohn brings his 5 questions. More of the same...not his fault. Who is the RG? What is the depth chart for RB? Will Dashon Goldson hold out? Hope not. | Cohn's 5 questions before camp. (Cohn)

Cam Inman, who was quite busy yesterday, deals with the 49ers new role as a powerhouse. I think we have to match last years success to be a powerhouse, but I get the idea. We have a target on our backs and we need to bring our A-game every week. But by the end of last year, teams were not taking us lightly, as evidenced by the 2nd Seahawks game. They were pretty well out of contention and that was one of the most physical games I'd seen in years (until the playoffs, of course). | 49ers enter training camp as a respected powerhouse. (Inman)

Poop! 2 of our rookies are expected to start camp on the physically unable to perform list. One of them was Darius Fleming, who tore his ACL at the start of the rookie minicamp and Joe Looney, who had a procedure following the senior bowl. OK, so I overreacted a bit. Poop was too strong of a word. We already knew this. | 2 rookies sidelined before camp. (Barrows)

There are 2 more quick blurbs about camp from the Mercury News. The roster is laid out for you by position by Cam Inman. | Roster entering camp. (Inman)

And training camp facts. (Inman)

So that's it. Camp is coming up. What are you worried about?

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