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Niners Nation Flag Football Draft: Wes' Fifth Pick

And we're back.

After taking the weekend off, David and I will resume the draft picking for our hypothetical flag football game today. Just to clue in any newcomers, Fooch and I are essentially drawing upon the 49ers active roster to create a team for an imaginary 7-on-7 flag football game. We have already made four picks to date, with Fooch having chosen Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss, LaMichael James, and Colin Kaepernick. I have drafted Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis, Kendall Hunter, and Carlos Rogers.

Well, in continuing with my trend of picking extremely athletic and fast guys, I am going to draft with my fifth selection Ted Ginn Jr., super-fast dude. I think the relative merits of Mr. Ginn in a flag football game are obvious. The man can turn on the speed, well, really fast (tautology!). His main Achilles heel is clearly his hands, but that seems like a product of being a smaller dude in a contact sport. I don't think he has that problem in a flag football game.


Again, Ginn's offensive merits should be readily apparent. I think I line him up opposite Vernon Davis and just tell him to run all sorts of fast. So far, David hasn't drafted a player who I think can effectively cover either man. This should not only produce huge plays and a lot of points for me, but it also opens up the medium routes for a guy like Carlos Rogers or Patrick Willis and the shorter to medium routes for Kendall Hunter, who - I think - will thrive in this game with dump off passes, since he has all sorts of potential to take those to the house. Ginn brings a huge deep threat and opens up the offense for every other player on my team.


The great thing about the Ted Ginn pick is that he can actually play a good DB. In high school, that was his primary position, and even though he was recruited as a track star for college, he was ranked quite highly as a DB coming out of high school. While I don't expect him to produce on defense like Carlos Rogers, I do believe that Ginn can provide a lot of good coverage due to his speed, either as a safety or CB. As of right now, I imagine that he would either cover Colin or Crabs, depending upon who is receiving or playing QB.