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NFL Rewind Expansion To Include Coaches Film, Telestrator

Last month, I posted about how the NFL was going to be releasing All-22 Coaches Film for use on their NFL Rewind product. Earlier today, the NFL conducted a conference call to provide some further details about what the new NFL Rewind would entail. Suffice to say, this is football porn in most every sense imaginable. Here are the three most important aspects:

  • Coaches Film - As described above, fans who purchase the high-end package for Game Rewind will have access to coach's film from the 2012 and 2011 season. The league anticipates that the coach's film from the 2012 games will be available on Wednesdays following the game. Archived footage is expected to be available closer to the start of the season.
  • Telestrator Function - This was by far the most exciting product reveal from the NFL on Monday's conference call. Fans will be able to break down plays from the game, drawing over still frames with their finger or a mouse. Additionally, fans can save their breakdowns and share them via social media or email.
  • Tablet availability - For the first time, all of the NFL's digital products will be available to fans on their iPad and most Android tablets.

We knew about the coaches film, but now it looks like we'll also get access to coaches film from all last season (not quite yet, but soon). There will be some value in making comparisons year to year, and this provides that option. My favorite new feature, however, will be the telestrator function. This feature will allow you to draw up plays sort of like how John Madden used to do. You will then be able to email and tweet out your telestrations.

This will be made further awesome due to the ability to access all this on iPads and most Android tablets. For the telestrator you will be able to either use your mouse if you are on a laptop or desktop, or you can use your finger on your iPad. This gets more and more awesome by the day.