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Niners Nation Flag Football Draft: Fooch's Fifth Pick

Training camp is getting started this week, which means we have plenty more news related to the 49ers upcoming season. Nonetheless, we started this two-team draft of flag football players and I think it's still fun enough to keep going through our picks. We're on pick number five of a seven-player team and in spite of what Wes may think, I think my team is bringing a whole multi-dimensional effort. I really think Wes is understanding the potential defensive capabilities of Colin Kaepernick and Randy Moss. But I'll let him keep the confidence flowing!

As I said before, I have been focusing on offense, as I feel defense is overrated in flag football. It's nice to get some stops, but I'd much rather have an overwhelming offense, which I think I have. Nonetheless, I think I can add a quality defensive back, while at the same time improving my offense all the further.

With our fifth pick, Team Fooch selects....Chris Culliver.


I'll start on the side of the ball with which Culliver is accustomed. Although Carlos Rogers had a career year in 2011, Culliver is the guy with more long-term upside. While Rogers showed a flair for picks last season, he is also on the wrong side of 30, while Culliver is a robust 23-years old. Rogers has the more sound technique, but I like Culliver's athleticism, particularly in a backyard style game like flag football.

Additionally, while Culliver plays cornerback for the 49ers, he spent a sizable chunk of his college years at safety. This provides a bit of versatility in case I decide to move guys around in my defensive backfield.


Culliver is brought in primarily for his defensive prowess, but I think he brings sufficient athleticism to be a solid wide receiver for Team Fooch. In reality, anything he adds on offense is a bonus given the previously drafted talent. And yet, I think he brings enough athleticism to be more than just a decoy. He strikes me as a guy who could be an under the radar receiver. He'll be a great guy over the middle, and then when you least expect it, we'll send him deep and he'll burn Team Wes for a touchdown. There's plenty for me to get out of Chris Culliver.