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49ers Training Camp Calendar: Set Your Schedule!

The San Francisco 49ers kicked off training camp over the weekend by welcoming their rookies to town. The team has taken care of a variety of administrative tasks, including performing physicals and getting the rookies their uniforms. The next few days will involve rookie and selected veterans workouts that will be closed to the media. Veterans will be reporting on Thursday with formal team practices starting on Friday.

The 49ers sent along a media schedule breaking down key dates through the first three weeks of training camp, and providing a tentative schedule of availability for the coaching staff. While the only practice open to the public will be August 12 at Fan Fest, there is still some useful information to be gleaned from the media schedule.

For example, the 49ers first padded practice will Sunday be July 29 and the team will hold mock games on August 9 and 17. The players will have some days off over the course of the month, including Tuesday July 31, Sunday August 5, Saturday August 11 and Sunday August 19. The team will also be making members of the coaching staff available to the media as follows:

Jim Harbaugh: July 27, 30; August 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 17
Vic Fangio: July 28; August 1, 4, 8, 14
Greg Roman: July 29; August 2, 7, 13

More than likely we will have transcripts following each of these days, to go along with all of our normal training camp coverage. I would imagine there will also be some player availability over the course of the month, but we don't have details on that quite yet. Veterans and rookies are available the next couple of days, so we'll see some comments here and there.