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Niners Nation Flag Football Draft: Wes' Sixth Pick

With only two more picks in the draft, David and I are getting down to our last players. So far, I have been extremely happy with my picks, and I think David should be two. It really speaks to how talented the 49ers are that David and I have draft, I think, relatively even teams. But, with my last two picks, I plan on getting better in the areas I already excel: athleticism and speed.

For today's pick, I am choosing Frank Gore, THE 49ers offense. While the man may lack the top speed he once had, The Tank brings invaluable skills to a flag football field, primarily his incredible downfield vision and his devastating moves.


Now, I recognize that I already have my major playmakers in Vernon Davis, Kendall Hunter, and Ted Ginn Jr. I don't need Gore to be the bell-cow he is normally. What I really need from Frank is a center. In our version of flag football, David and I need a player to play center, obviously to snap the ball, but also to do some pass blocking either on blitzes or the standard Mississippies. Frank is one of the best at pass blocking - NFL-wide. Moreover, after blocking or on specifically designed plays, Frank can roll out, even going deep, for passes. The man is pretty devastating in the pass game (well, except for last year, that is). He has great downfield vision and the ability to juke somebody to tomorrow. Just dumping the ball off in his hands in a flag football game will turn into massive yardage gains. We have all seen how devastating Gore can be in the open field. There is a lot of open field in seven-on-seven flag football.


Gore's impact is a little more limited on defense, though I do think that my defense is already superior, and thus does not necessitate major contributor. That said, I do think Gore can be a productive member of the defense, probably on the pass rush side of the ball. A guy with Gore's burst speed would be quite good at getting around pass blockers in flag football. I think he could do really well running down QBs and perhaps patrolling the shorter routes alongside Patrick Willis.