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SB Nation's 2012 NFL Power Ranking's and More

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Heading into the 2012 NFL season, a lot of teams have made drastic changes to their roster since the beginning of the new league year. Our own Niners Nation headmaster, David Fucillo, posted the most recent update of SB Nation's Power Rankings. The rankings were not based on one man's opinion like many of the available ESPN or power rankings, but rather a collective effort by 32 NFL bloggers.

Reiterating the changes as well as the performances from teams last year, it's good to have an idea of where teams stand as the season approaches.

SB Nation's Power-Rankings

1. Packers

2. Patriots

3. Giants

4. 49ers

5. Texans

6. Ravens

7. Steelers

8. Saints

9. Broncos

10. Eagles

11. Lions

12. Bears

13. Falcons

14. Chargers

15. Cowboys

16. Bengals

17. Bills

18. Panthers

19. Jets

20. Titans

21. Chiefs

22. Seahawks

23. Redskins

24. Raiders

25. Buccaneers

26. Cardinals

27. Dolphins

28. Rams

29. Jaguars

30. Vikings

31. Colts

32. Browns

As we can see, the Giants are appropriately in the top-5 as defending Super Bowl Champions. The Patriots and Packers, led respectively by their franchise quarterbacks are No. 1 and 2 before NYG. The 49ers then come in at No. 4, after quite a showing in 2011 and an impressive offseason in which they acquired a number of high-ceiling players. San Francisco's offense should be much improved this coming season, and with the entire defense returning, the Niners earned their spot in the top-5.

SB Nation was able to compile a solid list, with no holes and few questions. However, after receiving Fooch's personal rankings, it seemed appropriate to publish his since they do not directly reflect SB Nation's official update. After reviewing the two rankings lists, it occurred to me that my own rankings would be unique enough to warrant being posted alongside them.

So, without further hesitation:

Niners Nation Power-Rankings

David Fucillo Dylan DeSimone

1. Packers 1. Packers

2. Patriots 2. Patriots

3. 49ers 3. 49ers

4. Ravens 4. Ravens

5. Texans 5. Texans

6. Steelers 6. Eagles

7. Eagles 7. Steelers

8. Broncos 8. Saints

9. Saints 9. Broncos

10. Falcons 10. Falcons

11. Bears 11. Bears

12. Lions 12. Giants

13. Cowboys 13. Lions

14. Seahawks 14. Cowboys

15. Titans 15. Bengals

16. Panthers 16. Seahawks

17. Bengals 17. Panthers

18. Giants 18. Titans

19. Bills 19. Bills

20. Raiders 20. Chargers

21. Chargers 21. Raiders

22. Redskins 22. Redskins

23. Buccaneers 23. Cardinals

24. Cardinals 24. Chiefs

25. Jets 25. Buccaneers

26. Chiefs 26. Jets

27. Dolphins 27. Rams

28. Rams 28. Dolphins

29. Jaguars 29. Colts

30. Colts 30. Vikings

31. Vikings 31. Jaguars

32. Browns 32. Browns

The first difference you'll notice is that I have swapped the Steelers and Eagles. I believe the Steelers offensive line will improve, but I believe we saw age catch up with them in 2011 -- it's now a year later and they didn't make any significant moves to get younger on that side of the ball. Meanwhile, the Eagles are a Super Bowl favorite with a lot more speed, youth and talent on both sides of the football.

I also have the Saints and Broncos swapped. This is because I don't exactly believe the "insert Peyton Manning here" philosophy. While I do believe the Broncos are a contender and will be great down the road, I haven't seen anything yet to put them ahead of a team like New Orleans, who will be dangerous as long as they have Drew Brees at the helm.

One of the biggest things you'll notice on both our lists is that Fooch and I both have the Giants not only outside the top-5, but the top-10. Fooch has NYG at No. 18, while I have them at No. 12. I'm not going to explain Fooch's reasoning for putting them there because I don't want to put words in his mouth but I will explain why I have the Giants where I do.

The entire league has upgraded, but when you narrow it down, the NFC is now a deeply competitive conference. And to narrow it down further, the NFC East is perhaps the most dangerous division in all the NFL. The Giants were only 9-7 last year during the regular season, but they got hot at the right time. On paper, and in my mind, a lot of teams are better than the reigning Super Bowl champs.

There are more changes as you read on further and I'd be happy to address any questions, as I'm sure Fooch would as well. Feel free to leave your questions, comments and compliments for either of us in the comment section below.

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