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Niners Nation Flag Football Draft: Fooch's Sixth Pick

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Due to a prior engagement (bocce ball league!) I was unable to get in my sixth pick last night. We're close to wrapping up our rosters as we will be going with seven players. I really like my team, as I think the athleticism and versatility is stronger than Wes. Heading into pick number six, my roster consists of Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss, LaMichael James, Colin Kaepernick and Chris Culliver. For pick number six, I've decided to get a little crazy with my next addition...

Isaac Sopoaga!

This pick may seem a bit odd for a flag football team given that he is not the fleetest of foot, but I think he brings a variety of interesting skills that could benefit Team Fooch.


Much like Frank Gore would be handling snaps for Wes's squad, Ice would be operate primarily as the center and pass protector. Although Sopoaga is not a speed demon, he has shown enough athleticism to get some work at fullback, and likely will continue to do so into 2012. Furthermore, the team showed they were not afraid to send him out on a pass pattern. It is not a staple of the offense, but his athleticism is there to move off from his block into a pass pattern.

However, the real fun with Sopoaga is his throwing ability. I've already got Crabtree and Kaepernick handling the quarterback role, but Ice reportedly has the strongest arm on the 49ers. I don't know how frequently I would mix him in at quarterback, but having three guys who can chuck the rock provides all sorts of opportunities for trickeration.


It's a fairly simple role for Ice. He is there to operate as the pass rusher. He can work in more of a safety role on a goal line offense, but more or less he is there to bring the heat (ironic for a man nicknamed Ice, I realize).