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Coach Harbaugh Continues To Hold Cards Close To The Vest

We all know that 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh likes to generally keep things close to the vest in his dealings with the media. Whether it be extreme paranoia, strategy, or just not enjoying dealing with the media, it became clear from day one that Coach Harbaugh has a very specific strategy when he deals with the media.

Matt Maiocco revealed an interesting discussion Coach Harbaugh had with media:

Following the team's workout Tuesday, while making small talk, Harbaugh asked which players we were interviewing. Then, I asked Harbaugh if there were any "under the radar" players I should be interviewing. He told me he would rather not disclose which players have impressed him.

The 49ers have a deep roster, which means a lot of the newcomers will find themselves in a tough up-hill battle for a roster spot. The 49ers have an eight man practice squad to stash players, but a player has to clear waivers before he can sign with a practice squad.

It is not surprising that Coach Harbaugh has expressed excitement about the newcomers to the roster. I suppose he has his own "Kory Sheets Was Our Future" type of players. Considering he will find himself working with several of his former Stanford players, this is not surprising. It really does make sense that Coach Harbaugh would play things close to the vest. I suppose people can take his comments with a grain of salt, but why risk it?