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Randy Moss Reports To 49ers Training Camp

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49ers veterans are expected to report to training camp tomorrow, but one veteran made his way in the day before. Randy Moss reported to training camp today as he gets ready to return to the field after a year away from football. Maiocco even snapped a picture of Moss walking in with what is apparently a BOSU Home Balance Trainer. Apparently a BOSU ball helps with flexibility and cardiovascular work. Maybe I should invest in one!

Although Randy Moss is not guaranteed anything in training camp, the optimism from OTAs and the 49ers need for improved depth at wide receiver, I would be rather surprised if he was not starting opposite Michael Crabtree when the 49ers open the regular season on September 9 at Green Bay.

Of course, while Moss has reportedly looked great in OTAs, the real question will be how he looks once in pads and dealing with opponents trying to knock him on his butt. A year off for a 35-year old, no matter what his physical condition, makes it difficult to make any sorts of predictions. We can make some guesses, but I don't even know if we could call them educated guesses at this point. It's a big question mark that could be answered very well or very poorly. Obviously I'm hoping for the former, but we're going to have to wait and see how this plays out in the coming weeks.