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I Think Michael Crabtree Says It Best....

The first full-team practice of the 2012 season kicks off tomorrow. We've sat around breaking down this team every which way. We've looked at power rankings, projections and odds that have the 49ers anywhere from a Super Bowl favorite to a potential seven-win team trying to find the license plate of what ever truck ran them over.

We'll have plenty of preview content over the next six weeks leading up to the regular season, but the proverbial put-up or shut-up time is fast approaching. The 49ers have all their guys in camp and there are really no issues of discontent for the moment. Things can of course change over the next five, hopefully six months of football.

For now though, even with some question marks on the 49ers roster, I think it's reasonable to be optimistic heading into the season. The 49ers could make it to the promised land or they could come up short. That's something to worry about down the road. For now, it's time to ball.