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Niners Nation Flag Football: Fooch's Seventh And Final Pick

Alright, training camp gets going tomorrow, so I thought I'd wrap up my final flag football pick. A little fun before the serious gets going! I really do like my team, even if some of my picks caught folks off guard. I think I've brought in some clear-cut speed and athleticism, while also thinking a bit outside the box, as you saw with my pick of Isaac Sopoaga. Players have to go for flags in flag football, but if Ice gets a little aggressive and knocks a player on his butt, I don't think it's the end of the world!

Wes rolled with Alex Smith as his quarterback and final pick. It's a solid enough pick, but also a very safe pick. I think my QB options bring more athleticism, even if they lack the level of starting experience Alex brings to Team Wes. For Captain David and His Flying Fooch-Ball Brigade (h/t TryAndCatchVD) - or Team Fooch, if you'd prefer - we're a mix of young and old, while bringing a cross of speed, athleticism and size. Needless to say, I like where we're at right now.

However, there is no such thing as enough athleticism, so we're going to mix things up with this final pick and draft TE Delanie Walker.


Although Walker has remained in Vernon Davis' shadow to a certain extent, I think his all-around skills provide value for a flag football team. This is a guy who can catch, block and even return kicks. While we won't have kicks in our actual game, that kind of ability doesn't go unnoticed. Walker will be moved all over the field, without sticking into a single role. I can guarantee you we'll run at least one hook and lateral play, and there's a good chance Walker will be in on that.


Walker played wide receiver in college before moving over to tight end in the NFL. While I do have some concern about his read and react ability on defense, I think he brings the needed size and speed to be a potential force on defense. He does not have the natural defensive ability of a Chris Culliver, but he's one more weapon on defense.