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49ers Press Conference Live Online Stream: Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith, Randy Moss

The return of 49ers training camp means the return of press conferences! The 49ers will host their first three press conferences of training camp today from noon to 1pm. The folks at CSN Bay Area will be covering the press conference, and as usual will be providing a live online stream. I've embedded that after the jump so folks can enjoy the press conferences today. The 49ers usually offer their own live stream as well, but feel free to use the video after the jump.

Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith and Randy Moss will all be chatting with the media today. Although we will likely get a lot of the usual bland material, I'd imagine plenty of people are curious to hear what Moss has to say. He hasn't spoken to the press since the conference call after signing his contract. He has been the subject of a lot of positive comments this offseason, so I'm sure there will be plenty asked about that.

As last year moved along, the players grew more and more into the Harbaugh mold when it came to press conferences. Randy Moss made a get better today than I was yesterday comment at some point this year, so he seems to be in on that as well. It will be interesting to see how and when the new players buy into Harbaugh-isms.

49ers Press Conference Live