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49ers Training Camp: Day One Review

Don't those arms just seem freakishly long?  Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE
Don't those arms just seem freakishly long? Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their first day of practice yesterday afternoon, and while I wasn't around to drop in a recap, I figured I'd get something together this morning. Although preseason action is only a couple weeks away, the 49ers have plenty to do in preparation for those games. As for recapping practice, I'll be pulling from a variety of media reports. Later in the morning I'll get some transcripts posted from before practice. For now, here are some of the reports:

G Cohn

The biggest bit of news came from Maiocco, who indicated that Michael Crabtree appeared to suffer an ankle injury in the final 20 minutes of practice. Barrows and Inman mentioned Crabtree going down, but did not seem to see him "walking gingerly" as Maiocco put it, although they referenced Maiocco's report later. Maiocco indicated that Crabtree sat out the final 20 minutes of practice.

The next couple days will be important to see how quickly Crabtree gets back on the field, if in fact he did suffer a pertinent injury. It's too soon to jump to any conclusions, so we'll keep a close eye on that.

On the defensive side of the ball, Perrish Cox appears to be impressing folks with his play. He got positive reviews in OTAs and would appear to be building on that in training camp. Barrows indicated Cox was working at both cornerback and nickel back. Carlos Rogers moved into the nickel back role when the 49ers went into their nickel defense. If Cox can continue to impress, the 49ers could find themselves with some incredible cornerback depth, with the entire group coming as a bit of a steal.

Randy Moss had what sound like a pair of nice deep catches from Alex Smith while being covered by Tramaine Brock. Although some are skeptical about Moss following his absence last year and his struggles the year before, if he can continue to stay sharp, good things could come. Mike Florio may have said it best when he mentioned how "[t]he point is that we shouldn't assume anything about Randy's physical abilities based on what we saw in 2010 because his performance was hampered by the fact that he didn't care."

I guess we'll find out real soon what exactly is the reality of the situation.