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49ers Training Camp Press Conferences: Vic Fangio, Patrick Willis, Justin Smith On Tap

The 49ers will run through their Saturday press conference schedule beginning at 11:30am PT. Today's press conferences mark kind of a badass day as we get the leaders of the 49ers defense talking to the media. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, linebacker Patrick Willis and defensive lineman Justin Smith will each take some time to chat with the media.

Given the defense's reputation, this should make for some interesting discussion about what they are looking to in 2012. The 49ers defense was dominant in 2011, even as they were learning the Fangio system on the run. They've had a full offseason to work on more of the nuances while also returning the entire starting defense.

Aside from the depth questions, one of the big storylines in training camp will be how Aldon Smith adjusts to the outside linebacker position. He was allowed to focus almost exclusively on pass rushing during his rookie season, and he was dominant in that role. This year, while the 49ers will be looking for pass rushing again from him, they are also hoping he can develop in pass coverage and against the run. He will be looking at an every-down linebacker role this season, which means so much more responsibility. It will be a big story to follow over the next six weeks.

I've embedded CSN Bay Area's live stream after the jump. If the stream isn't live at 11:30, check the stream. If we don't have any streams, don't forget to check the numerous twitter accounts I suggested.

49ers Press Conferences