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49ers Sunday Media Availability Features Greg Roman, Offensive Showcase

The 49ers are back out for more press conferences today, and once again we've got a live online stream courtesy of CSN Bay Area. If you have any problems with the stream I've embedded after the jump, check out for their live stream.

After yesterday's defensive focused press conferences, today features offense. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman will kick things off, and then reportedly will be followed by Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis. These media sessions are subject to availability, and it sounds like there is a chance the 49ers could switch things up and pull Crabtree from the session. He could end up spending the time getting treatment on his ankle.

Roman joins the litany of 49ers that will not discuss scheme details. It is not surprising, but it makes for an occasionally tedious nature of questions about scheme that end with the person working his way around the question in a more general sense. I guess it's a matter of us taking the time to try and read way too much into those comments!

49ers Press Conferences