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Golden Nuggets: Training Camp in Full Swing, Crabtree Injured Again

Hello everyone. How is everything in the Niners Nation now that there is some movement. The sleeping giant has awakened and activity beckons us to pay attention. Gone are the days of linking to Vernon Davis' cat's Twitter account. Now we can get on with what we live for, and that's football.

As for me, I've just got back to Australia from the States. Had a great time, thanks for asking. Went to NYC, the Grand Canyon (a women fell in the day we were there) and more. Back to work tomorrow, but at least I'll be fully rested. It's been weird not doing the Nuggets for such long stretches and I left the boys with a bit of confusion on some of those days so I apologize to any of you psychos awake at 2am waiting for the Nuggets. On to today's news...

James Brady, who's engaged according to a recent comment of his (you know what to do), has a story about how huge it will be if Perrish Cox can continue his current trajectory. There's still question marks in the secondary, both short and long term and Cox cementing his role and making a claim to be a future no 1 corner would be great. | Cox stepping up could be huge. (Brady)

Ian Rappaport from goes to Santa Clara for his blog series on training camp. He's going to different cities and yesterday's edition was in our backyard. He's got notes on the facilities and the players for you to peruse. He starts it off by saying that the 49ers play in Santa Clara, despite being called the SF 49ers. That's right, he used the present tense. I hope he knows where the team actually plays....or you'd have a hard time writing for the official league website. Hmmm... Otherwise a good read. | visits Santa Clara. (

Mike Sando has his third part in a series on Randy Moss. The link to the rest is there in case you missed it. Sando says he's just trying to get a feel for how Moss' revival will go. | Moss' return, part 3/3. (Sando)

Demarcus Dobbs is getting some national coverage as possibly being the next 49er to do double duty. He was a TE prospect going into college but stuck to DE. Now that mad-scientist Greg Roman has his hands on him, the sky's the limit. | Dobbs may be the next Niner two-way player. (CBS Sports)

A quadruple dose of Christian Gin from He's been a busy bee this weekend. | 49ers training camp notes: day 1. (Gin)

49ers training camp notes: day 2. (Gin)

Vic Fangio expects big things from the defense. So do we. This year, with all starters returning, everyone should be on the same page at all times. I like the outlook. Justin Smith and Patrick Willis are ready to go. | Fangio, Willis and Smith are ready for 2012. (Gin)

On the offensive side of the ball, Coach Harbaugh, Alex Smith and Randy Moss are ready to go. Coach likes the knowledge that the veterans bring to the table. | Harbaugh, Smith and Moss excited for camp. (Gin)

Training camp report: July 28. (

Video: Defense still not satisfied. (

Video: Camp conversation with David Akers. (

Randy Moss: new attitude, old ability. (Branch)

Moss flashes magic with basket catch. (Branch)

Moss has exceeded expectations. (Inman)

Aldon Smith back after stormy offseason. (Branch)

49ers notebook: Aldon Smith's focus on football. (Inman)

Randy Moss and Jim Harbaugh have much in common. (Kawakami)

Transcripts of Randy Moss' first media interview. (Inman)

Harbaugh: Niners have 5 no 1 receivers. (Maiocco)

Defensive mainstays voice support for Aldon Smith. (Inman)

Dobbs, other bubble players, learning to be versatile. (Barrows)

Willis confident: transcripts. (Inman)

Randy, Alex and the work in progress. (Branch)

Patrick Willis entering a new phase. (SF Gate)

Smith duo aims to fortify defense. (

Justin Smith on playing offense, defense and more. (Cohn)

Video: Press pass: Patrick Willis. (

Video: Press pass: Justin Smith. (

No Michael Crabtree as practice no 2 begins. (Barrows)

Day 2 recap. (Barrows)

Video: Press pass: Vic Fangio. (

Training camp report: Mario Manningham, Navorro Bowman shine. (Cohn)

Kyle Williams putting on a clinic on how to overcome adversity. (Inman)

Just wanted to re-link the interview that Fooch did with LaMichael James, just in case any of you missed it. | LaMichael James' Niners Nation interview. (Niners Nation) case any of you didn't notice that is a ton of linkage there. I was a bit overwhelmed by it so it's a bit disorganized. I'll get hem under control for tomorrow. Sorry....first day back. -aaron-

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