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49ers Look To First Padded Practice Of 2012

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their second day of practice yesterday as they get ready for their first padded, full contact practice of 2012. Thus far the lack of pads removes a much-needed element of physicality to any assessments. Training camp practices can tell us only so much, but the closer the team gets to game conditions, the more we can assess.

For now, here are the practice reports from yesterday:

G Cohn

We had the first "altercation" of sorts in practice yesterday. It sounds like Manningham beat Culliver on a short pass and Culliver gave him a little slap on the helmet, resulting in some kind of rebuke from the coaches. Nothing big, but still something to note.

A.J. Jenkins and Mario Manningham both apparently had a solid practice session. Manningham has been a bit under the radar, which isn't surprising given that the 49ers signed Randy Moss and drafted a receiver in the first round. Even with his big catches as a member of the Giants, he has remained perpetually under the radar. As it currently stands, Manningham will be coming in most often when the 49ers move to their three-receiver sets. Moss, Crabtree and Vernon Davis are the "big weapons" on offense, but Manningham might have a thing or two to say this year.