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Golden Nuggets: Harbaugh Defends A.J. Jenkins, More Practice Notes

Hello again. A ton of linkage to deal with so I'm going to dive right in. Camp is, as we all know, going strong and all the sports writers have awoken from their slumber. Remember people, if you see a sports writer in the wild, their confused after hibernation and more likely to attack than usual. So raise your hands over your head to appear bigger and make loud noises. They're more afraid of you than you are of them. They are our friends. To the links.....

James Brady is previewing the starters for the team. Today's starter up for bid is the team's most important starter...quarterback Alex Smith. Will he continue to grow or has he plateaued? That's one of the big questions in all the league. | Previewing the starters: QB Alex Smith. (SB Nation)

I don't know if this is good news in regards to Michael Crabtree, but GM Trent Baalke has stated that this latest injury is not related to his troublesome foot. Does this mean he's injury prone? I'd love to see him have a training camp under his belt at some point in his career. | Crabtree's latest injury not connected to troublesome foot. (Branch)

Jim Harbaugh promises not to say 'I told you so' in regards to A.J. Jenkins. (BASG)

The 49ers are eager ton unleash all their new offensive weapons. There's a full offseason with the playbook, tons of new toys, and a lot of optimism. Could things regress? All signs point to no. | 49ers eager to unleash weapons. (

Anthony Dixon is the latest Niner to try to expand their role in the name of versatility and a roster spot. It sounds like most experts have money on Dixon as being the odd man out in the backfield, but becoming a dual-threat could change that. | Anthony Dixon granted request for dual-threat role on offense. (CBS Sports)

All hands on deck. All starters are returning on defense. Patrick Willis is making adjustments and so is Aldon Smith. Are we building a defensive dynasty? | Can Niners build a defensive dynasty? (

Both Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham are at peace on the 49ers. Manningham called last years postseason 'ancient history'. I wonder what the Babylonians would have to say about that (nerd chuckle). There's also video embedded with training camp story lines for the team. | Manningham, Jacobs at peace on 49ers. (

Cam Inman's got a good review of yesterday's practice. Crabtree was, of course, not participating. Also of note, the no-fighting rule was quickly implemented. Who was it? Click the link to find out. | Inman's practice review. (Inman)

Matt Maiocco has his summary of yesterday's events. Most noteworthy to Maiocco was Justin Smith who 'blew up a couple of plays' from his position on the D-line. | Maiocco's notes on practice. (Maiocco)

Grant Cohn says that undrafted rookie free agent WR Nathan Palmer stood out even burning Carlos Rogers in a one-on-one drill. | Palmer stands out. (Cohn)

In his companion piece, Cohn notes that A.J. Jenkins did not look so good, catching only two passes. Prepare your venom Niners faithful. | Cohn: Jenkins struggles. (Cohn)

Eric Branch's practice notes also claim that Palmer shined. Randy Moss made some acrobatic catches and Andy Lee bombed a punt 80 yards, prompting an unnamed reporter to offer the following analysis: 'Holy S---!" I like when the writers are funny! | Branch's practice notes. (Branch)

Dashon Goldson earns praise from Baalke. (Inman)

Delanie Walker: 'I like playing for the 49ers.' (Branch)

Walker's jaw injury still lingers. (Branch)

The common thread through Harbaugh's ire. (Sando)

Where NFC West teams rank in average age by position. (Sando)

49ers training camp notes: Day 3. (Gin)

Greg Roman, Joe Staley and Vernon Davis say real training camp begins. (Gin)

Roman on Frank Gore's workload and more. (Cohn)

A.J. Jenkins welcomes opportunity. (

Training camp report: July 29. (

Coach's notebook: July 29. (

Donte Whitner's blog: Camp Starts. (

Video: press pass: Jim Harbaugh. (

Video: press pass: Joe Staley. (

Video: press pass: Vernon Davis. (

Video: press pass: Greg Roman. (

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