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Is AJ Jenkins the New Kyle Williams

There has been a lot of hullabaloo concerning the 49ers' WRs these last couple of days, accentuated by Coach Harbaugh's impromptu press conference to, well, trash the media in order to buoy his newest player: AJ Jenkins.

But, I don't see this hullabaloo subsiding any time soon. All of a sudden, what was the dullest position on the team has become quite interesting. There are receivers galore on the team, and that makes guessing which player makes the cut very interesting.

I think Kyle Williams will make the team, probably as the fifth receiver, behind Ted Ginn Jr. and before AJ Jenkins. I wonder, though, how long Jenkins will sit behind Williams. I mean, for all intents and purposes, Jenkins is pretty much the same player with a better draft pedigree.

The thing about Williams is that he is all potential. That's his appeal: he could be so good! He's got the speed and the hands, but let's be honest, he has some major weaknesses too (and by the way, this has nothing to do with his NFC Championship performance - I'm talking about his game in general). I know this opinion probably won't make me popular around NN, since most people here seem to love Williams, but he is simply an average WR with some potential of breaking out. But, if he does, it won't be on this team. We just got too deep at the position, and barring injury, Kyle won't see the field enough.

So, if Williams is a fast guy with good hands, who struggles to get open even against one-on-one coverage, most likely due to his size, what does the make Jenkins? They really sound like the same player, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Jenkins become the "guy with the abundance of potential" receiver on the team, supplanting Williams while he is at it.

To use the most annoyingly over-quoted lyric from an excellent song: meet the new boss / same as the old boss.