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49ers Monday Media Session: Jim Harbaugh, Frank Gore, Donte Whitner

The 49ers will conduct their fourth consecutive day of media availability today, although the parties present remains to be seen. When the schedule was first sent out last week, today was supposed to feature Jim Harbaugh, Joe Staley and Donte Whitner. While Whitner and Coach Harbaugh are still expected to speak, Frank Gore will replace Joe Staley. We won't get Staley because he spoke yesterday in place of an injured Michael Crabtree.

Ideally some of the Gore questions will focus in on the various backups working with him, and what it means for his role in the offense. Gore has been a work-horse over the years, but the team's addition of LaMichael James and Brandon Jacobs, would seem to be a sign that the team wants to keep him fresh and build a bit more of a platoon. In his six years as a starter, Frank Gore's lowest rushing attempts total was 203 in 2010 when played in only 11 games. In 2009 he ran the ball 229 times in 14 games. This past season he rushed 282 times in his first full 16-game schedule since 2006.

I've embedded CSN Bay Area's live stream, but there is a chance it won't have the 49ers press conferences. If not, go ahead and try the version.

49ers Press Conferences