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Anthony Dixon Asks For And Receives Practice Time At Fullback

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh was asked about his running backs thus far in training camp, and he provided some interesting insight into the battle for roster spots. He provided praise for all the backs, but he went into the most depth when discussing Anthony Dixon. According to Harbaugh, Dixon is doing everything he can to contribute to the team, including his normal running back and special teams work, while also going so far as to ask the coaching staff if he can get practice reps in at the fullback position.

Dixon has played a bit of fullback, but this would seem to show that he realizes the gravity of the situation in training camp. The team added LaMichael James, Brandon Jacobs and Rock Cartwright this offseason. Although Cartwright is not coming in to run the ball, his special teams skills and leadership do not help Dixon's roster chances. He is still facing an uphill battle to get on the roster, but it would seem like he isn't going down without a fight.