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49ers Training Camp News: Mario Manningham Sits, Nathan Palmer Reportedly Impresses

The San Francisco 49ers training camp practices continue to roll along and naturally players appear to be getting a little banged up here and there. Mario Manningham took part in individual drills on Monday, but he sat out the rest of practice. No word has yet been given on the nature of his absence. If we get a "he's working through something", I think we'll be able to safely say he was a little banged up from something.

The "breakout" candidate in training camp thus far appears to be undrafted rookie Nathan Palmer. While I tend to think individual practice reports don't tell us a whole lot, when a player's name comes up positive in multiple reports over several days, I think it is worth noting. In this case, I have read almost nothing but positive analysis of Palmer's performance.

There's only been two days of padded work, so we can only get so excited about it. However, a few strong performances in preseason contests, and things could get interesting. He entered camp as a practice squad candidate, but could he potentially actually do enough to end up on the 53-man roster? Or are we looking at "he was our future" candidate?

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